Catering Services Unlimited is proud to present our exclusive line of premier hors d’oeuvres. All of our hors d’oeuvres are hand crafted from the finest ingredients. Our chefs created these little delights just for you and your most special events to ensure you enjoy the best. We feel these tiny mouthfuls encapsulate all that is good about food in a tiny package and we are sure you will feel the same.

Delightful Bites are available as a starter for any event or as the star of the show during an hors d’oeuvre party. So consider making your next holiday party, wedding, or any social gathering extra special and take a Bite of something Delightful.

The list of available Delightful Bites will change over time as we develop more ways to express our love of food, so check back to see what we’ve cooked up!

Click the links below to download PDF's of our menus: